About us

MediPet has become the trusted name in regard to pet insurance in South Africa.

Cats and Dogs

Established in 2007, MediPet is a pioneer in the industry, creating insurance for pets that is flexible yet comprehensive.

We know that all budgets and needs are different, which is why we have tailored our rates and coverage to suit various needs.

Added to this, we boast a number of benefits, including discounts for multiple pets when you choose MediPet for pet insurance in South Africa.

Our ethos has always been “the pet comes first”, a reason why we stand head and shoulders above the competition – with many of their products being sold through brokers as add-on cover to a house or car.

We employ professional staff with veterinary experience – ensuring better understanding in dealing with clients and vets when it comes to pet insurance needs or emergencies for your pets.

MediPet only offers pet insurance – ensuring that your furry friend will get unrivalled attention and assistance when it matters most, without any concern or delay.

Apply online now, or feel free to contact a consultant at MediPet for more information on our products.