What is MediPet?
MediPet is specialised, affordable medical pet health insurance for your dogs and cats. It covers all unforeseen medical expenses for your beloved pet and gives you the peace-of-mind that he or she will be given the best care in case of emergencies.

What are some of the illnesses that are covered?
Medipet covers most conditions from ear infections, bee stings, eye infections, broken bones, diabetes, teeth cleaning, swallowing foreign objects and biliary to cancer. All major illnesses, injuries and accidents are covered. The only treatments/conditions we do not cover is routine medical veterinary care, such as annual check-ups, vaccinations, worm/tick/flea control, and spaying or neutering.

How do I claim?
We provide a maximum of R35 000 cover per pet per annum. This should cover even the big procedures, or any prolonged illness where your pet needs to be hospitalised for an extended period of time. Simply complete a claim form and attach the vet bills. Claim forms are available at your vet or you can download one from this website by clicking here; or mail us on claims@medipetsa.co.za; or call 021 701 2023.

Once completed, fax it together with all bills to: 021 701 2027, email it to claims@medipetsa.co.za or post it to: PO Box 31596, Tokai 7966.

Your claim will be settled within 15 working days.

Is there a maximum age limit for cover?
Medipet does not have a maximum age limit, however if your dog is joining Medipet and is 9 years or over then they will be offered the Accident Policy only.  If your dog is already 8 years old at the time of sign up, a complete veterinary history will be required in order to consider him/her for cover under Options 1 or 2.  If your cat is joining Medipet and is 9 years or over, we will need a complete medical history from your vet to determine the cover offered.

Is our Accident Policy a Hospital Plan?
No, it is not.  Not only does it cover your pet whilst they are in hospital, but should they require follow up visits, more tests etc (for a condition covered by the policy), then these are also covered up to the policy limit.

Must I visit only certain vets?
No, you can visit any registered vet of your choice, anywhere in South Africa.

Which conditions are excluded?
To keep premiums low, the following conditions are not covered:

  • pregnancy
  • grooming
  • elective procedures
  • congenital defects
  • pre-existing conditions before inception of this policy
  • foods & diets of your choice (unless specifically advised by your vet to assist in clearing up a medical condition).
  • routine care

How are claims paid?
Claims are refunded directly to you. After we’ve received your claim form with the relevant vet’s bill/s attached, we will deposit your claim straight into the bank account you have specified, within 15 working days.

How are monthly premiums paid?
Premiums are deducted via monthly debit order from the account, which you have specified. Your cover will lapse, should your premiums be unpaid.

Can I cancel my policy?
Yes, you can cancel your policy at any time. One month’s written notice is required.

Is there a waiting period before my policy starts?
There is a 30 day no-claims period from the date of inception followed by a 30 day, 50% co-payment period.  Your pet will be covered for accidents – as set out in the Accident Only policy during these waiting periods.  Please see our policy wording or downloadable brochure for more information regarding the Accident Only Option.

Does my pet have to have a microchip or tattoo?
No, but it is always a good idea to have one anyway, to assist in case your pet gets lost and is taken to a vet with an injury in your absence.

Why do I have to pay excess?
This is a small co-payment from your side and is standard practice on most insurances, from your car insurance right through to your homeowners insurance.

What does lifelong mean?
Lifelong cover means we’ll pay for treatment up to the benefit amount each and every year for as long as you renew your policy.

Does it matter how old my pet is?
Once your pet is insured, we will offer cover for the rest of his or her life.

Can I claim for complementary treatments and medicines?
Yes, we will cover you for complementary treatments such as hydrotherapy, herbal or homeopathic medicine, physiotherapy and acupuncture up to the annual limit of R2000 per pet.

How quickly are claims processed?
We aim to process claims within 15 working days of receiving a claim form and all supporting documentation.

Who are your underwriters?
We are underwritten by Renasa Insurance Company Limited. If you would like to know more, please visit Renasa’s website. (www.renasa.co.za)

Can I still apply if my pet’s vaccinations are not up to date?
Yes, but all vaccinatible diseases and any related complications will be excluded.

Do you pay for hereditary / congenital conditions?
Your cover may be limited if hereditary and or congenital conditions are present. A letter will be sent to the attending veterinarian requesting more information on this condition.

What is a claim excess?
A claim excess is a contribution towards the veterinary bill. You will pay one excess per claim.

Do you need any notice to cancel my policy?
If you would like to cancel your policy within the first 14 days you are entitled to a full refund of your premium. If you cancel your policy after the cool off period no refund is due and 30 days notice is required.

Is there a cut-off period after which I cannot make a claim?
Yes. We must receive your completed claim form at our offices within 60 days of the treatment being carried out.

Will my premiums increase every year?
Yes, a standard premium increase is effective annually on 1st May as veterinary costs increase.

What is the Veterinary Advice Fee?
The Veterinary Advice Fee is similar to the policy/admin/broker fee all insurance policies carry.  We have called it a Veterinary Advice Fee because, unlike most brokers, we have a full-time qualified vet and veterinary nurse who are able to deal directly with vet practices and therefore speed up the claim process. Many of our clients phone for general veterinary advice/assistance and most importantly, our clients benefit from having qualified veterinary personnel to argue their case with the underwriters.

Are Annual policy holders entitled to a refund if their pet dies?
Refunds for policies paid upfront for the year are only applicable if your animal passes away in the first 3 months from the inception date of their policy. The refund will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, less any claims paid out.  Your Veterinary Practice will need to verify the passing of your pet. At no time can premiums that have been paid for a deceased animal be transferred to a new pet that is added to the policy.  Each animal is dealt with on an individual basis.